Allup Silica holds itself accountable not only to the highest industry standards, but to its own strict requirements for respectful and ethical conduct, and particularly so as it relates to Health and Safety across our operations.


We make the safety and wellbeing of our Employees, Contractors, Consultants, Supplier Partners and Communities our number one priority. The total elimination of fatalities, and reduction in the number and severity of injuries is something we strive for each and every day.

Our mindset and approach to safety goes beyond compliance.

We work to develop a culture of continuous improvement, with all participants working together in support of a safety-based culture built on trust and accountability. We do not support an adversarial approach based on blame.

Our strong belief is that:

  • All fatalities, injuries and industrial diseases are preventable.
  • No task is so important that it cannot be done safely.
  • All hazards can be identified and their risks eliminated, minimised or managed as far as is reasonably practicable.
  • Everyone has a personal responsibility for the safety and health of themselves and for everyone they work with.

Dune Buggy Esperance Project


Allup Silica is committed to delivering the best possible outcomes for health and safety as it is essential to the success of our business. By meeting the high standards that we set for this crucial area of operations ensures a more sustainable work future for our Employees, Contractors, Consultants, Supplier Partners and their skilled work teams.

Our goals will include working towards these benchmarks:

  • Ensuring that all work behaviours are aligned with our values of respectful relationships, personal integrity and accountability.
  • Reporting on, and investigating all incidents, and ensuring that the lessons learned are shared and implemented across Company operations in accordance with our continual improvement ethos.
  • Actively involving our Employees, Contractors, Consultants and Supplier Partners in all areas of safety management, including recognising the importance of work/lifestyle balance and mental health.
  • Implementing and/or oversighting that all appropriate health and safety training programs have been undertaken by employees for areas of critical risk. (For instance, these may include such areas as working in confined spaces, on cranes and lifting, with electrical systems, driving in both light vehicles and heavy haulage trucks and when working at heights).
  • Ensuring that team leaders and managers understand their roles and the control mechanisms for managing risk.
  • Regularly monitoring and measuring our performance against all regulated safety standards.
  • Maintaining data and well defined records for all health and safety documentation, audits, review and verifications required by law.
  • Engendering a safety culture, through regular training and team/toolbox meetings.
  • Expecting our managers, Shareholders and other corporate stakeholders to share these goals and be champions for safety throughout our operations so that it is never compromised.

Allup Silica recognises the importance of workplace health and safety and agrees that it is directly linked to the success of our business operations.

We understand too, that continuing effort needs to be made to ensure that health and safety culture is backed by robust industry regulation that responds, moves and grows with an often diverse and changing workforce so that greater certainty, efficiency and clarity is available for all those who participate. We will play our part in this.