Our Sparkler Project is situated in the south-western region of Western Australia, approximately 150km from the Albany Port and 300km south of Perth. The area has a rich history of exploration, and although no large-scale mining operations have occurred within the tenement areas, numerous operating mining projects and thriving agricultural enterprises exist in the region. Well-established infrastructure supports these industries, including residential townships that cater to the local communities.

Access to the project site is facilitated by excellent quality, all-weather sealed highways and major roads, with a combination of sealed and gravel/sand access roads leading to the tenement areas. While some local roads may require upgrades for potential future mining operations, they are currently suitable and accessible year-round for exploration teams and their equipment, such as drill rigs.

The exploration areas are situated on privately-owned land covered by a current Access and Compensation Agreement. These areas primarily consist of cleared pastoral land or previously used commercial plantation timber growth areas that have since been cleared.

In addition, the location of each project offers convenient access to major highways for transporting the resource to holding, processing, and shipping facilities.

JORC 70 MT Inferred Minerals Resource Estimate*

Size FractionYieldTonnesSiO2 %Al2O3 %Fe2O3 %TiO2 %LOI %
In-situ resource (raw)70,000,00096.841.170.340.430.66
Coarse sand +0.6mm36.5%25,000,00099.670.
Sand 0.106mm - 0.6mm52.9%37,000,00099.660.
Fine sand 0.045mm - 0.106mm5.2%4,000,00097.700.170.411.040.25

See Allup Silica ASX Announcement dated 30 June 2022

Best Grades

Up to 99.9% SiO2 and 65 ppm Fe2O3 content (0.106mm – 0.6mm) at 0-3m location UAC020+UAC021.

Drillhole SampleSize FractionSiO2 %Fe2O3 %
UAC020 + 0210.106mm – 0.6mm99.9110
UAC0210.106mm – 0.6mm99.890
UAC0330.106mm – 0.6mm99.965
UAC0400.106mm – 0.6mm99.970

See Allup Silica ASX Announcement dated 11 October 2022

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