Pink Bark

Our Pink Bark Project, E63/2138, is located in the Albany Frazer Province’s Biranup zone, north of Esperance. The tenement was acquired to explore and develop silica sand, but numerous recent nearby discoveries of REE clay-hosted deposits nearby prompted Allup to consider the potential for such deposits on its tenement.

The Biranup zone has been shown to be rich in valuable REE by the Geological Survey of Western Australia (GSWA) and modern explorers. A number of ASX-listed companies have reported wide areas of saprolitic clay enriched in rare earths overlying the Biranup late-stage granite intrusive rocks.

These deposits have been compared to China’s clay-hosted REE deposits, which have been a major source of REE for the country’s battery industry. In this province, a number of carbonatites with rare earth potential have been reported and explored for rare earth mineralisation.

The Albany Frazer Province’s Biranup granites are rapidly emerging as a focus for exploration for clay and carbonatite-hosted rare earth deposits.

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