Current Status

The initial mining and processing location is yet to be determined, and this decision will be made based on the outcomes of future events. These include items such as next stage review and analysis of drilling/sampling results, metallurgical studies and results, a detailed understanding of the logistics required, and then a more general project favourability for items such as future approval conditions.

Currently, the Company has four exploration licenses (some are pending grant), being:

Leases or Applications

As at March 2021, two exploration licenses are granted, and three remain as applications pending grant. Native Title agreements on the granted tenements are in place, and the negotiations for compensation and land access agreements have commenced. The Company understands that substantive works cannot proceed until after this time. It is anticipated, subject to these requirements being successfully achieved, that it would be unlikely that exploration works would start until late 2021 or early 2022.

Bulk Commodity

Silica sands are a bulk commodity and are therefore susceptible to transport costs relating to distance to market, and successful logistics are a key factor to economic supply. These logistical factors will need further investigation.

Native Title Recognition

It is recognised that the Traditional Owners have Native Title claim under various legislated land use agreements, and that negotiations will need to be successfully concluded prior to a mining lease being granted. For the South-West Projects the Wagyl Kaip and Southern Noongar Indigenous Land Use Agreements apply, and for the Argyle Project the preferred Heritage Protection Agreement relating to the Yurriyangem Taam (WC2010/013 determination group) applies, as represented by the Kimberley Land Council. The Esperance Nyungars WCD2014/002 Agreement will apply for the Esperance Projects.


The Company has not undertaken any environmental surveys or studies.

It recognises however, that the social impact of mining operations with regard to the preservation of the environment will be paramount for the approval of any project. Environment, and environmental sentiment, are major considerations in the selection of a future mining operation location.


Community support will be important to this Project, and the Company acknowledges that the community will have concerns, including both the mining operations and truck transportation and movement in the region. The project will however provide benefits to the region, such as employment opportunities, money spent and invested in the region, and royalties paid to the State.

Site Topography and Description

The topography at both project locations is typically flat to rolling hills with no greater than 50-metre relief. These three locations are predominantly privately-owned land, with much cleared for agricultural use. Some sections are subject to rejuvenated blue gum plantation farming.

The flora is typical of this region being native bush scrub, but that said, a proportion of the land has been cleared. identified at
this time.


Pipeclay and Diamond Tree