The Projects are located in three different regions of Western Australia. Many already have significant existing infrastructure supporting multiple industries such as agriculture, mining and forestry production. Generally, each of the Project areas are located in areas with available human resources and skills relating to these industries.


Typically, road infrastructure is good and undergoes regular maintenance and upgrade as it supports the expected or emerging industries. Each of the Projects is situated on the major highway networks of Muirs Highway, South Western Highway, Great Northern Highway or the Goldfields/Esperance Highway. They are all rated for industrial transport vehicles.


No site accommodation will be required for the South-West or Esperance Projects given their location, and the access to centres of human residence in these regions. For the South-West Projects, the proposed transport base is at Picton, located 5 kilometres from the major regional centre of Bunbury, and personnel will be shift-on/shift-off from this depot. Mining and plant personnel will be drawn from the surrounding areas and will need to make reasonable travel to site at their own expense. For the Argyle Project the centres of Wyndham and Kununurra may provide sufficient labour resources. The Company may need to negotiate some access to mining camp accommodation for the Argyle Project, and options within close proximity to the tenements exists, however no discussions have been entered into at this stage.

Sparkler Project Drill Program

Water Supply and Access

The Projects require on-site water at the tenements and it is anticipated that water requirements will be provided by multiple on-site bores for the South-West Projects. Bore water is also available at the Argyle Project. Drawn water could be stored and reprocessed in several lined dams constructed on site. Water recycling and efficiency will be paramount, with recovery rates of 90%-95% targeted. No water studies or applications have been done at this time. Potable water will be supplied to site and stored.

If future processing plants are located within designated industrial zones they come with access to existing supplies of water.

Power Supply

Power requirements will be provided by a combination of solar and on-site diesel generators at the minesites.


Other requirements will be constructed on-site. These include internal access roads, demountable offices, workshops and staff facilities, fuel storage, waste management requirements and other infrastructure typical of this type of operation. Communication is via available mobile telephone coverage.