Allup Silica Limited

Allup Silica Limited comprises twelve exploration areas across four separate projects. We proudly promote our Four Projects with Four Ports explorations and invite you to learn more.


There’s a Global Sand Crisis

The lengths that people will go to for sand! Enjoy this TED-talk about the importance of this valuable resource for world industry. Sand is quite literally the foundation of modern civilisation, and this important resource is running out.


Allup Silica Limited’s Executive Chair is Interviewed

Executive Chair of the Company shares his thoughts about the prospects for ALLUP SILICA as it makes its Prospectus publicly available. Product purity and logistics are key.


The World is Built of Sand

Some might call sand coarse, rough and irritating, but there’s no denying that it is used in everything and everywhere in our modern lives. But this heavy reliance on sand means that we’re also reaching a limit on this seemingly infinite resource.


Paydirt TV with Allup Silica

Allup Silica (ASX: APS) executive chairman Andrew Haythorpe joins us in the Paydirt TV studio as the silica sands explorer seeks to raise $5 million during its IPO.


Sunstate Sands

Come onsite into a silica mining operation and see how this valuable resource is washed and processed.


Investor Presentation

Allup Silica focuses on the future development of our silica sand tenements located across a number of exploration project locations in Western Australia.


Brisbane Mining Energy & Minerals Investor Conference

Allup Silica BMEM Conference – 23 March 2022 – 04-55-46 PM