Allup Silica operates within regional Western Australians and shares its zone of operations with many communities. Some of these are small and local, with others of being of regional significance. All are vibrant and important.


We recognise that this brings with it both responsibility and opportunity, and we seek to work with communities to build trust in our operations, and to continually strengthen our social license to operate on an ongoing basis.


Allup Silica is committed to the leadership role it holds, and will always strive to engage with communities in a professional and respectful way, so that positive benefits can flow from its operations that support the aspirations and goals of the communities with which we partner.

Our goals will include working towards these benchmarks:

  • Actively engaging with, and listening to the communities that our operations may impact.
  • The development of local employment opportunities with programs that encourage local recruitment.
  • Implementing programs that encourage people to live and work within the host communities.
  • Adopting ‘Services and Procurement Policies and Procedures’ that encourage an increased supply from local and
    regional businesses.
  • Entering partnerships with local and regional councils, and other organisations that contribute to community life, liveability and social inclusion.
  • Participating in local and regional initiatives that bring together business and industry.
  • The creation of progressive and safe work practices and operations that improve wellbeing for the communities.
  • Acknowledging and partnering with the Traditional Owners and First Peoples of the area to support real economic outcomes and opportunity.
  • Working responsibly to respect human rights, workforce equality and social progress with a specific lens on collaborative, active partnership.
Across all operations, Allup Silica holds itself accountable not only to the highest industry standards, but to its own strict requirements for ethical conduct. We believe this to be not only the right thing to do, but critical if trust in our operations is to be maintained, with our social license to operate continually strengthened.