We value the core principles of respectful relationships, personal integrity and accountability, and particularly so as they fit within the Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) policy framework.

  • We understand that issues such as environmental sustainability and climate, diversity, labour and human rights, consumer/employee satisfaction and social wellbeing and health must be incorporated into our plans, procedures and performance measurements.
  • We also understand that a wider focus must be given to governance, to not only incorporate internal or Board level decision making, but to include any international trade exposure relationships we may have to ensure local issues such as bribery, corruption, civil liberties and political conflict are all taken into account.

These core values underpin the way in which we do business, and they influence our relationships and accountabilities with Shareholders, regulatory authorities, customers and the communities within which we operate. They are present in all aspects of our operations, whether it be exploration, mining, processing, the delivery of our product to market, consultations, contract negotiations and/
or reporting.

We expect our Contractors, Consultants and Supplier Partners (including their subsidiaries and subcontractors) to also abide by these principles, and to agree to conduct their part in our operations in accordance with our adopted Policies and Codes of Conduct.

Across all operations, ALLUP holds itself accountable to the highest industry standards and its own strict requirements for ethical conduct. We believe this to be not only the right thing to do, but critical if trust in our operations is to be maintained, with our social license to operate continually strengthened.

By meeting the high benchmarks that we set for each of these areas, ensures a more sustainable future as we seek to discover and mine silica, engage with shareholders and investors and employ the skilled work teams we need. Our focus on continuous improvement as we move from one phase to the next, allows us to systematically review and renew our policies, procedures and operations in response to the feedback we receive from stakeholders in each of the key policy areas, and to adapt to the incremental changes that may be required to meet ESG expectations.

We undertake to:

  1. Incorporate ESG considerations into our decision-making processes.
  2. Fully participate across all our operations in accordance with our stated policies, procedures and practices.
  3. Promote and place ‘front and centre’ our ESG principles when engaging with entities with whom we seek to do business.
  4. Work collaboratively to enhance the effectiveness of these principles.
  5. Report progress and evaluate our performance based upon these principles in a timely manner.

Importantly, we know that it is a shared responsibility, requiring the active commitment and participation of every person involved in our operations and this is fully supported.

ALLUP SILICA LIMITED is committed to the leadership role it holds, and will always strive to promote operational standards, systems and processes that support responsible ESG operations that delivers sustainable futures, positive social benefits and transparent and accountable investment and operational management.