Our Values

The Company’s values will define the way in which every Allup Silica team member will engage with its stakeholders, its partners and their colleagues. The values are a blueprint for the standard of professional behaviour that is expected of everyone and they will guide the decisions and choices made.

With an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences, prioritising safety as a collective responsibility, fostering a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing, making a positive impact through high quality standards, embracing innovative thinking to achieve ground breaking outcomes, championing a sustainable future through reduced carbon emissions, preserving the environment and our nation’s heritage for future generations, and conducting business with the highest ethical standards and a relentless pursuit of improvement, we strive to exceed expectations and lead by example in our industry.

Our Values

Customers First

We are intent on delivering the very best customer experiences we can and to help our customers achieve success, and we will always remain mindful of the trust placed in us.

Safety Together

We strive to ensure a safety-first culture, always protecting ourselves and everyone around us from danger and harm. We care about each other.

One Effective Team

We work together, are knowledgeable about our business and will always give timely, accurate and straight-forward answers and information.

Make a Difference

We maintain excellent standards of quality and will ensure our systems and products are of the highest international standards.

Think Creatively

We pursue excellence in producing innovative systems and products, and will continue to think creatively so that we can find new ways to provide ground-breaking outcomes.

Towards a Carbon Future

We accept responsibility for the role we play in the stewardship of the environment, and will work collaboratively to bring about solutions and systems for a reduced carbon, low emissions future.

Safeguarding Tomorrow

We understand that how we manage resources today impacts on tomorrow, and will ensure we safeguard the environment and our Nations heritage for future generations.

Business by the Rules

We commit to achieving the highest ethical standards of governance, service and engagement in the pursuit of our business goals and will always be open to opportunities for improvement.

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