Andrew Haythorpe

Executive Chairperson | ah@allupsilica.com

Andrew is a venture capitalist with nearly 20 years experience establishing start-up enterprises in a variety of sectors. He has held a number of Company Chair and Board positions, as well as that of CEO of several successful listed minerals and resources organisations, and is currently Director of an ASX listed company.

Campbell Smyth

Non-Executive Director | cs@allupsilica.com

Campbell’s professional career has been in the provision of advice to fund management, capital markets and the corporate finance sector. This experience has been with most major markets, primarily the ASX, and listed and unlisted companies in North America and Europe.

Nick Revell

Executive Director | nr@allupsilica.com

Nick has over 30 years experience in mining and exploration. He has held several senior positions in mining, exploration geology and property evaluation, working for ASX and TSX mining companies as Director, Exploration Manager and Mine Geologist across a range of minerals.

Gavin Ball

Executive Director | gb@allupsilica.com

Gavin is a business manager who adds strength to each of the companies with whom he works. He has over 30-years of hands-on skill and intellectual expertise in the start-up, commercial development, growth and ongoing management of businesses. Gavin has proven management, financial and accounting skill sets, with a strong sales and marketing focus.



Benjamin Donovan

Company Secretary | bd@allupsilica.com

Ben is a member of the Governance Institute of Australia and provides corporate advisory, IPO and consultancy services to a number of companies. He is currently Company Secretary for several ASX listed and public unlisted companies, with his experiences ranging across the resources, agritech, biotech, media and technology industries.

Mark Lester

Chief Financial Officer | ml@allupsilica.com

Mark is a member of the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and a former registered auditor and registered tax agent. He has extensive experience in the audit of corporations in Australia and USA, and has been a Director and Company Secretary in ASX-listed companies in junior exploration and biotech.