The Company was incorporated and registered in Western Australia on the 5th of April 2013.

It operated as a non-trading dormant company from registration until May 2020, when at that time, it established itself as a minerals’ explorer with a view to developing, and ultimately producing silica mineral resources located within Western Australia. During this investigative phase it looked for a mix of site locations, ideally those with potential for high-purity grades of silica, balanced with the opportunity to efficiently and cost effectively treat and then transport those resources to/from processing facilities close to their port facilities.

These investigations led to the identification of target areas in both northern and southern locations of the State, with the added benefits and various options, including that of Wyndham Port in the north-east of WA being in much closer proximity to the ports of the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region than those ports of the south.

The Company has been granted, acquired, or made application for twelve tenement land holdings across four major project site locations.

These tenements are located in three very different project areas, being the:

  1. South-West Silica Explorations Projects (No.1 Unicup, and No.2 combining the Antwalker and Pipeclay Tree tenements).
  2. Argyle Silica Exploration Project, consisting of tenement locations of Big Cecil, Cabbage Spot and Nearby Post in the North-East WA.
  3. Esperance Silica Exploration Project with tenement locations named Pink Bark and Dune Buggy in the Southern Goldfields.

In the first instance, the Company proposes to focus on the development of its Unicup project with continued exploration and updating of its Minerals Resource estimations to higher levels of JORC compliance. It intends also to undertake further exploration at Cabbage Spot in the Argyle Project as soon as practicable.

In addition, the Company will continue to explore other mineral exploration opportunities and to grow its suite of Projects by acquisition, application or joint venturing into areas surrounding and adjacent to both northern and southern Projects, as well as in other areas which support the Company’s key business objectives.