Statement of Values


ALLUP SILICA LIMITED has adopted this STATEMENT OF VALUES to express the standards and behaviours it expects from its Directors, Senior Executives and Employees.

These Values have been adopted in accordance with Principle 3 of the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (4th Edition) in which it states:

  • A listed entity should instil and continually reinforce a culture across the organisation of acting lawfully, ethically and responsibly, and,
  • A listed entity should articulate and disclose its values.

This STATEMENT OF VALUES underpins all efforts to fulfil the Company’s purpose and meet its goals. It applies equally to ALLUP SILICA and its subsidiaries.


ALLUP SILICA is a silica minerals explorer with a view to developing, and ultimately producing high-quality silica for export to global markets.

The Company’s PURPOSE is to build long term value for Shareholders by focussing on the business activities for development of its silica sand assets together with its continuing commitment to a program of exploration and inventory development, innovation through research and development, and an emphasis on its sustainable environmental and the low carbon future of its operations.


The Company’s VALUES will define the way in which every ALLUP SILICA Team member will engage with its stakeholders, its partners and their colleagues. The VALUES are a blueprint for the standard of professional behaviour that is expected of everyone and they will guide the decisions and choices made.

They are:

Customers First We are intent on delivering the very best customer experiences we can and to help our customers achieve success, and we will always remain mindful of the trust placed in us.
Safety Together We strive to ensure a safety-first culture, always protecting ourselves and everyone around us from danger and harm. We care about each other.
One Effective Team We work together, are knowledgeable about our business and will always give timely, accurate and straight-forward answers and information.
Make a Difference We maintain excellent standards of quality and will ensure our systems and products are of the highest international standards.
Think Creatively We pursue excellence in producing innovative systems and products, and will continue to think creatively so that we can find new ways to provide ground-
breaking outcomes.
Towards a Carbon Future We accept responsibility for the role we play in the stewardship of the environment, and will work collaboratively to bring about solutions and systems for a reduced carbon, low emissions future.
Safeguarding Tomorrow We understand that how we manage resources today impacts on tomorrow, and will ensure we safeguard the environment and our Nations heritage for future generations.
Business by the Rules We commit to achieving the highest ethical standards of governance, service and engagement in the pursuit of our business goals and will always be open to opportunities for improvement.