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September 9, 2021 Say Hello to ‘Dune Buggy’ and ‘Pink Bark’ Introducing Allup’s latest tenement additions. Meet ‘Dune Buggy’ and ‘Pink Bark’ in the southern goldfields/Esperance region of WA. Another exciting opportunity for Allup Silica.... VIEW/DOWNLOAD
August 5, 2021 The Silica Sand Sector in Australia High-purity silica is in demand worldwide, and although rare, Australia’s resources are reliable and ethically sourced. This article by Evolution Capital Advisors reviews the sector and the snapshot they present is fascinating.... VIEW/DOWNLOAD
July 22, 2021 Consider this. “Silica Sand to Western Australia is What Petroleum is to Saudi Arabia…” A BRIGHT future for Western Australia’s silica operations. Be motivated by the discussion between Market Analyst Stockhead and leaders from our two major silica companies.... VIEW/DOWNLOAD
July 8, 2021 Exciting New Locations Added as Allup Silica’s Tenements and Opportunities Grow Allup is broadening its exploration horizons with plans to expand into the Kimberley Region of WA as it searches for high purity silica. Introducing the Argyle Silica Exploration Project.... VIEW/DOWNLOAD
June 3, 2021 Exploration Approval Granted for the Pipeclay Tree Projects – EL 70/5682 and EL 70/5745 Allup has been granted approval for its Pipeclay Tree Project. With these two tenements now receiving Exploration Licences, only one tenement (Antwalker) now remains outstanding.... VIEW/DOWNLOAD
May 20, 2021 The Success Stories for Silica in Western Australia keep being told… As Allup updates Investors as to our own unfolding story, we congratulate Perpetual Resources (ASX:PEC) on their success story and decision to proceed with the Beharra Project near Geraldton. Silica operations are growing.... VIEW/DOWNLOAD
May 6, 2021 Fun Facts About Silica that Deliver a Serious Message Semiconductors are an essential part of everyday life. Silicon is an essential ingredient for semiconductors. This fun fact relays a compelling message and motivates the Allup story.... VIEW/DOWNLOAD
April 22, 2021 Silica for Solar. And the Importance of a High Purity Resource for Photovoltaics. The transition to clean energy is underway and Allup Silica is positioning to become part of this movement. Silica is arguably the only semiconductor resource to satisfy the environmental requirements for photovoltaic solar panels.... VIEW/DOWNLOAD
April 8, 2021 Defining Silica Sand, and How it Differs from ‘Regular’ Sand Defining silica. What’s the difference between white industrial (silica) and brown construction (regular) sand? And, what is Allup searching for?... VIEW/DOWNLOAD
March 25, 2021 Over 50 Years of Silica in Australia. Supplying High Purity Grades to the World since 1968. Allup Silica pays its respect to the longevity of the silica sand industry in Australia with a look at the Cape Flattery Silica Mine’s journey over the past 50 years.... VIEW/DOWNLOAD
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