Streamlined Commercial Strategy: Investigating Multiple Projects for High-Purity Sand in Photovoltaic Glass Manufacturing, Maximising Risk Mitigation, Scalability, and Flexibility

Allup Silica (ASX:APS) is an innovative silica sand exploration company dedicated to identifying areas abundant in the precise type of sand required for the future production of highly refined, pure products catering to the demands of the photovoltaic and other cutting-edge industries.

With our silica sand tenements strategically spread across multiple exploration project sites, we are positioned to seize the optimal opportunities that align with our fundamental principles of ‘Projects, Purity, Ports’.

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What is silica?

The Australian government added silicon to the critical minerals list in 2022. Silica is essential for construction, glassmaking, electronics, computers & solar panels

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One of the key drivers of the silica sand market’s growth is the booming construction industry

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